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Sound Construx is a leader in equipping wine and restaurant businesses with the infrastructure necessary for smooth and safe production. We are proud to be a leading wine cellar design, winery and restaurant construction company. You will be happy with our team’s depth of knowledge and attention to detail. You will be reassured by our clean, neat and professional installers, and you will appreciate the care they take while working within your facility.

Our years of experience in restaurant construction has given us an understanding of the special requirements involved in building a restaurant from the ground up, including inline retail and remodeling existing restaurants. We offer creative scheduling and access solutions to keep your restaurant open during remodeling.
Wine Cellars & Tasting Rooms
Building wine cellars is one of our passions, and what we love to do. Every new project is a challenge. And every new client is as important and exciting to us as the first. Whether you have 60 bottles or 6,000, you can trust that we will take the very best care of your wine collection.

Wine lovers will soon be able to swirl, sniff and sip award-winning reds and whites in your new wine tasting room built by Sound Construx.

Our Food & Wine Services

  • Restaurants
  • Wine Cellars
  • Wine Tasting Rooms
  • Winery Productions Tactility

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What Our Customers Say

Exceptional service & time management of our project(s) is the only way to describe working with Dan Childs. Dan’s approachability and overall knowledge of managing all aspects of a project was crucial to the success and completion of the development of our new office space and deck expansion to our tasting room. We would unquestionably would use his services again and again!

Jodie Boulet-Daughters
General Manager, The Sanger Family of Wines


Daniel is a man of multiple talents including, sales, systems technology, and project management. He is skilled at establishing and maintaining positive relationships among his customers, vendors, peers and subordinates. He is honest and trustworthy, and folks pick up on that very soon after working with him. Daniel has high personal standards of conduct and integrity. He is ambitious, assiduous, and keeps his agreements. If I were building my project, Daniel would be one of my higher choices.

Randy Alcorn
General Manager Santa Barbara, CA


Daniel is one of the sharpest of the new generation of builders that I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Aggressive, intelligent, forward-thinking and completely trustworthy, I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Daniel to anyone in need of his services. I can be contacted directly through Linked-In or Twitter should anyone wish to inquire about Daniel’s superior abilities.

Tom Coalson Tom
Coalson Consulting,
Denver Colorado


Daniel at Sound Construx is a true professional. We were converting an old sound room into a wine cellar but had to leave town. We left Sound Construx in charge from demolition to the final clean up. When we returned from out of town it was amazing to see a wine cellar that beat any of our expectations! Daniel pays attention to every last detail. We never had any doubt that Daniel could accomplish such a feat. We would definitely use Sound Construx again for our next project!

Santa Barbara, CA

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