How To Remodel Your Bathroom On a Budget

How To Remodel Your Bathroom On a Budget

It is somewhat of an urban myth today that you need a big fancy budget to remodel your bathroom so it is more to your taste. In fact, even famous designers will tell you that sometimes it is the little things you change that make the biggest impact! Some of these smaller fixes, changes or additions don’t cost much at all, other than your time and a bit of spit and good old human ingenuity. In this post, you can learn some neat ways to remodel your bathroom even if you are on a tight budget.

Tip #1: Give it a fresh coat of paint

The first thing you want to do here is take everything movable out of your bathroom and give it a good cleaning. This will open up the space so you can take a look and evaluate what works and what doesn’t. This is also the best time to brighten up your walls and ceiling with a fresh coat of paint. The paint color you choose can totally transform even the smallest bathroom space. As well, lighter colors tend to make the space look bigger than it is.

Tip #2: Use your lights and mirrors creatively

You have probably had the experience of walking in front of a mirror and stopping to do a double take – because that mirror makes you look so different! Who knows why – it might be the placement, the lighting, all of the above – but the mirror definitely makes an impact. In the same way, simply adding an accent light or two and a reflecting mirror can really open up the space and give it a lush, spa-like appeal.

Tip #3: Accent and accessorize

If you happen to be the creative and crafty type, you may be able to make your own accessories and accents from scratch. Otherwise, home goods and craft stores are great places to pick up small accents like curtains, sconces, vases with artificial flowers, small paintings, shower curtains, area rugs and other small touches without spending a lot. Look in the clearance sections in stores and online to find the best deals.
One thing to really focus in on here is taking the time to select just the right piece for the new look you want to achieve. In nearly every case, one well-chosen accent or accessory will do more than a wall-full of mismatched new additions. To this end, you may want to start with an underlying theme and then match your colors, accents and accessories to that theme.

Tip #4: Become a DIY’er for small renovations

More than half of most home construction budgets are eaten up in labor fees. So if you can learn to repair or re-tile your own floor, update your counters and vanity areas, re-caulk your tub or shower and other minor updates that can make a major difference, you have saved half of your potential expense right there!
The same goes for changing out small lighting fixtures, sink and shower heads and towel and toilet paper holders. Here, you can find great budget fixtures and accents by looking in the sale and clearance sections at home goods stores, then just change them out!

Tip #5: Know when it is time to spend

One BIG caveat to tip #4 is this: if the job requires knowledge of electrical wiring or plumbing, taking a DIY’er approach when you have no training or prior experience can actually cost you more money! So if what you want to change in your bathroom is going to take you into the realm of rewriting your electrical wiring or plumbing and pipes, the best two choices are to hold off until your budget can accommodate hiring a pro, or to go ahead and hire that pro to make sure the job gets done right the first time.

Tip #6: Storage is a key element for budget remodeling

If you are like most, you probably don’t think your current bathroom situation offers enough storage space. This may mean you are faced with storing your bathroom necessities somewhere else in the house. Or it could mean there is a lot of visual clutter because you have no place to store cleaning supplies and linens out of sight.
Luckily, storage and organization solutions are often as close as the next room! Before you go out to buy any type of storage solution, take a look at what you already have that might be a good candidate for “re-purposing.” Is there an old plastic rolling file cabinet that you no longer need? This can be a great place to store towels or cleaning supplies! If you cover it with a pretty length of fabric, no one will even be able to see the contents from the outside.

A Sure Recipe for Remodeling Success

If there is one tip that can lead to surefire success with remodeling on a budget, it is this: do one thing at a time, and then take some time to evaluate the result. This will keep you on track and avoid the expensive “serial remodeler” syndrome, where you do another remodel every six months because you’re already tired of how your bathroom looks again! By taking your remodel one budget step at a time, you can ensure that your finished result meets your highest hopes and expectations.

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