About Sound Construx, Inc.


Integrity & Respect

We walk our talk without excuses. We are known for long-standing principles of fairness, respect and honesty.


We are good listeners and communicators. We believe in the synergy of teams and transparency.


We add value to our customers projects through our proven and innovative practices and processes.


We are committed to a culture of achievement. Achieving goals and keeping our promises creates satisfaction.

Our Story

Growing up in a small farm town and the eldest of 10 children, I was my father’s right hand man, helping him build numerous houses and other construction projects. I quickly learned that not only did I like working with my hands and building things, I also had a deep curiosity of how things worked. It was tackling new projects small or large that inspired me to dig a little deeper, hence the passion I have today for field of construction. As an adult my interests in construction, technology, sports and people helped shape how I run my business today. Having worked in different industries – an internet company and snowboard company, I also helped develop one of the largest avocado groves in the United States. Thank goodness I like avocados! In each of these different paths, I discovered my strength for understanding. Whether it’s bricks and mortar, avocados or computers – it’s working well with people, that melds any project to its successful completion.

My ability to stay focused on the details, problem solve and orchestrate all the moving parts, while maintaining a friendly rapport with my clients gives me an advantage to meet and exceed the goals and needs of my clients. And of course behind every project are scores of people contributing, each in their own way, adding to the overall success of a project.

Construction to me is more about building teams and less about building things. “Sound” teams lead to “Sound” projects. That’s the Sound Construx way.


Customer Satisfaction


Customer Loyalty

Daniel Childs

Daniel Childs


Daniel’s extensive knowledge in building systems and construction, a necessary component in today’s projects, is the result of over 20 years working through various trades including laborer, roofer, carpenter, equipment operator, field engineer, estimator, superintendent and project manager. As evidenced by several repeat clients, Daniel’s in-depth evaluation of building systems, beginning at preconstruction and continuing through closeout, maximizes project value for the owner. Since graduating with an Economics Degree from the University of Utah in 2000, Daniel has gained a continuous and diverse background working in Silicone Valley and California’s Central Coast.

Daniel’s preconstruction experience includes budgeting, scheduling, value engineering, scope development, subcontractor bid analysis, constructability review and subcontract negotiation. Construction phase responsibilities includes scheduling, overall project coordination, subcontract negotiation, invoices, change order quotations, quality control and project closeout Daniel’s extensive operations and preconstruction experience, includes technically-based process projects, including restaurants, wine facilities, agricultural developments, laboratories, university work, high-end residential buildings and retail and mixed-use projects.

Daniel is also versed in sustainable construction having completed his LEED® green associate accreditation with hands on experience on several LEED® certified buildings. Daniel’s experience gives him a broad understanding of what it takes to get the job done.

The Sound Construx Promise– We’d Sign It In Blood If It Was Legal.

Some think that groundbreaking marks the beginning of a project. At Sound Construx, the process starts earlier. Much earlier. The First Step, listening. Very attentively. Our goal is to create an environment of open and clear communication during all stages of your project. The benefits (can you say cost-efficiency, speed, quality and safety?) are manifested throughout the balance of construction.


What Some People Call Philosophy, 
We Call Passion.

PEOPLE DON’T BUILD GREAT BUILDINGS. PASSION DOES. Synergy may be a trite idea these days, but we simply don’t know any other way to build. It’s in our DNA. Or, at very least, deeply ingrained in our culture. That’s why we always focus on matching the strengths of each team member with every task. And if we’ve done this correctly, the project always comes out right. 
It’s all part of a very concerted effort to enrich the lives of our customers, consultants, employees and our community as a whole.


Take A Deep Breath. Exhale. Repeat.

Rest Easy. You’re covered. We’re committed. Just because your building is finally completed doesn’t mean we’ll become invisible. Just the opposite, in fact, we believe that long-term support cultivates long-term relationships and repeat business. When we complete your building, Sound Construx becomes a close ally – and your single-source contact for answers to all of your follow-up questions. Think of us as your “brother in arms.” 
In other words, your warranty is as sturdy as the buildings we erect. That’s the Sound Construx approach. We pledge to respond to any warranty questions and concerns — even if we don’t have a complete diagnosis.
That’s a promise. Cross our hearts. 
Sound Construx will follow-up to make sure all warranty work is completed in a timely manner.

From a single point of contact, Sound Construx’s team will enable you to focus on your own business operations, while trusting an experienced professional to provide peace-of-mind. And by experienced, we mean decades of construction know-how. Most likely, the only question on your mind will be, “What if all companies were this easy to work with?” Or, perhaps, “Why do I need this Valium anymore?”

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